Can something this simple really turn my life around?  

Is it really as simple as “Just feel good?” Is Life actually supposed to feel good all the time? Can I truly have it all?
What am I missing to connect the dots to manifest the life I really want to live?
What is my life purpose?

Really, Who Am I?

Want to Start your Spiritual Journey NOW?

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There are a few tools that I believe each person should have available to make life experiences easier. This series of videos will teach you ways to find balance, peace and harmony in your daily life! Enjoy learning about Flower Essences, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Sage and Singing Bowls.

These are great ways to enhance your Meditation and Life Journey!  

Add Some Tools to Your Energy Toolbox!

I believe that changing beliefs are an evolutionary part of expansion in humans.

I believe unconditional love is a moment by moment choice to be a better version of yourself.

I believe that our Ancestors and loved ones who are crossed over are always available and willing to help us.

I believe words are inadequate to express absolute expression of thought.

I believe music has the ability to fill in the spaces between words. When words are inadequate, music becomes the bridge.

I believe children are closer to God because they have not been tainted by false beliefs.

I believe that others only have the ability to define you if you allow their beliefs to shadow your own.

I believe everyone has the ability to tap into Source Energy at any moment in life.

I believe the Universe bends to fulfill my expectations very quickly.

I believe animals have a superior ability to understand God.

I believe problems arise to act as a mirror for a shadowy part of your soul.

I believe my life began before my life began.

I believe there is no death.

"I called Ivy to help me with my daughter who was having  anxiety and not only did she feel into what was happening, but she was able to guide me on specific remedies to give to her that helped her right away. The Flower Essence recommendations have become a staple in our house. Ivy is the real deal and her sense of humor and connectedness to the divine  is magical. Her divine wisdom is a gift to this world. Her ability to express healing principles and Law of Attraction is fun and she is an incredible guiding light.

~Brooke Emery

I worked with Ivy during a very fragile time in my life when I was suffering from depression. She was able to teach me how to communicate with my angels and my inner self in order to find peace with the problems I was hiding from in life. The sessions were so gentle and peaceful and felt like I was talking to a lifelong friend. I am so grateful to have worked with her!! It truly changed the course of my life!

~Elizabeth Silverstone

I work with Ivy to clear my real estate properties from old energy the previous owners left behind. I started off using her only when a property sat on the market for more than 3 months, now I contact Ivy to clear the properties as soon as I list them to make sure that they are ready to sell on the first day. Clearing the invisible energy is more important than the physical cleanings in my opinion!

~Sylvia Gretchem

I needed to rent out my office. I renovated it, it looked like new but no takers. No calls. I really needed something to happen and then I met Ivy. She changed the energy in the office. It broke the spell. I had people calling and looking at the office. Not long after, the office was rented. I think Ivy is amazing at what she does!

~Lisa Goldman

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