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Dr. Ivy Henderson Ellerby is a spiritual teacher, healer and author of the #1 Amazon Best-seller, Feng Shui for the Mind, Body & Soul, which is a guide for the modern spiritual seeker. Academically, Ivy was trained in Experimental and Clinical Psychology, Criminal Justice (including crime scene reconstruction), Musical Performance (classical violinist), Metaphysical Science, Theology, and Theocentric Psychology.  Although born highly intuitive, Ivy reconnected to her spiritual gifts in 2014 when a horrific automobile accident radically changed the course of her life. Ivy experienced a profound healing that forced her to acknowledge her own spiritual gifts and encouraged her to change career paths.

Today, Ivy is a Certified Law of Attraction Basic Practitioner, an Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional™, an Accredited Staging Professional®, and has specialized training in Angel Healing Therapy, Alchemistic Philosophy, Intuitive Healing, and Crystal Healing for Animals. Ivy is a Certified Meditation Teacher. In addition to working with one-on-one clients, Ivy provides instruction for a Canadian-based design school where she teaches Home Staging, Staging for Designers, Interior Decorating, and Feng Shui Design. The organization closest to Ivy’s heart is her family’s foundation—The Annie Lois Davis Foundation, Inc., which assists in the conversion of formalized education into actions that provides the infrastructure for entrepreneurship among adolescents and young adults.

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