Energetic space clearing is a way to clear, balance and/or eliminate inharmonious energy from your environment. When you physically clean your space, you remove debris such as dirt and dust. Similarly, energetic space clearing is clearing the same space on an energetic level. 

Energetic debris can accumulate similarly as dust and dirt when not cleaned daily/weekly. There are many different ways and materials that can be used for space clearing according to the type of energy present. The energy can be eliminated, balanced or cleared. Space Clearing is a great way to intentionally bring in good energies that will help you create a calm and peaceful harmonious environment that is supportive to your life journey.

Why Should I Energetically Clear my Space?

Regular energetic space clearing clears out energies of a lower frequency and brings in energies of a much higher frequency, keeping you and your environment positive and harmonious. Long-term exposure to lower frequency energy can cause several disruptions to the human body that can be manifested and displayed emotionally (depression or ADHD), physically (hypertension, arthritis, lethargy), more specifically--hormonally (thyroid disfunction and PMS symptoms).

When is Energetic Space Clearing needed?

  • Life Transitions (New Job, New Home, Death of a Partner or Child)
  • Arrival of Child (adoption or birth)
  • After a Major Fight or Argument
  • After Divorce or Romantic Break Up
  • After Long-Term illness or Injury in the House
  • Paranormal Experiences (feeling, seeing or hearing entities/ghosts)
  • After Party or Large Social Event in the Home (people always bring their energetic junk everywhere they go)
  • To signify New Beginings