Feng Shui Client Form
I am honored to work with you to help bring more harmony into your home and life! The questionnaire below will be helpful for both of us prior to your consultation.


Session Procedures: 

In-Person (Unoccupied Homes Only during COVID-19)
During a consultation, I will get an overall feel of your home and floor plan, at which time you can show me any areas of particular concern. We will then walk through your home as I suggest and implement changes. Have a notepad handy for taking notes. I am happy to help you make any changes during the consultation if we are physically able to do and within the designated time frame. At the conclusion, I will help you prioritize the changes suggested.

Prior to the consultation, I will get an overall feel of your home from the floor plan and picture(s). I will overlay the Bagua with any notes and email it back to you prior to our session to discuss. During the session, we will discuss your home and your concerns. I will advise you accordingly.

Space Preparation:
There is nothing you need to do to your home prior to our consultation. Seeing the space as it typically is will help me assist you. Feel free to make any obvious changes that you normally would, such as picking up everyday items. If you feel inspired to make changes after scheduling the session and prior to my arrival, feel free to do so. Often the energy begins to shift as soon as the session is scheduled.

Floor Plan and Picture(s) for Distant Consultation: 

Please upload a .jpg or .pdf of your floor plan. If you don’t have an existing copy, please sketch out your floor plan, including exterior walls, interior walls, and closets. Please label rooms accordingly. Also feel free to provide me with picture of the front of the house, along with any rooms of particular concern. If there are photos on a real estate site, please submit that website information.

For In-Person Consultations:
A copy of your floor plan is not necessary, unless you would like to know where the Bagua Map falls within your home with more precision. 

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