Home design is often an overlooked industry yet a very creative and rewarding field. A trained design professional has the flexibility to work full-time or part-time. They can focus on specialized areas of the design industry, or they can broaden their services to attract a wider range of clients.

This course will provide you with the expert training you need to improve your clients’ home and work environments. You’ll design comfortable spaces and restore balance in your clients’ lives using ancient Feng Shui principles, such as Ch’i flow, the Five Elements, Yin and Yang energy and the Bagua map. You’ll also learn how to personalize your Feng Shui practice to suit your clients’ modern needs.

Whether you are considering a new career as a Feng Shui consultant or want to expand your interior decorating services to include Feng Shui principles, QC’s Feng Shui Design course will enlighten you. This course will provide you with the Feng Shui certification you’ll need to begin a successful career.

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