(Single Session Up to 60 Minutes)

There are 2 different levels of Team Mindful Meditation Classes, a 15-30-minute class and a 60-minute class.

The Introductory Class

Introductory Mindfulness Meditation classes of 15-30 minutes are wonderful at providing calming effects to the body and mind. This is an instructional class of only one (1) specific meditation technique.

The Comprehensive Class

This class is a great introduction to Mindfulness Meditation. Sixty (60) minutes may seem like a long meditation but these classes are powerful tools that will help athletes address the various challenges they face daily. Mindful meditation classes of 60 minutes give athletes the tools they need to bring about the changes they need to face today’s challenges. Athletes have an opportunity to learn multiple meditation techniques and ask questions. The benefit is that athletes have the opportunity to try different techniques in hopes of finding one they will continue to use. 

*These classes can be on a specific theme/topic, or they can be a general overview of mindfulness meditations. 

Here is a list of some of the more popular class topics:

  • How to reduce anxiety and stress
  • How to see ourselves succeeding at any task
  • How to focus our thoughts and reduce the chatter and noise that takes place all the time
  • How to remove anger
  • How to fall asleep easily and get a good night’s rest
  • Balance between our home lives, school, sports and work
  • How to remove fear 

These classes include:

  • A talk on the specific subject of the meditation and the benefits and how to benefit from mindfulness meditation or an overview of basic meditation techniques.
  • 1-2 guided meditations. This may include a general mindfulness meditation and/or a guided meditation on a specific topic.
  • A question and answer session. This may be included at the end of the class.
  • A recording of the class. These classes are recorded (with the client’s permission) and the recording is made available as a downloadable file.

The Introductory Class (15-30 Minutes)

The Comprehensive Class (approx. 60-Minutes)