When you make changes to your space, you make changes to your life. This package is for when you want quick and easy fixes to instantly make your home or office feel light and energy-filled. Think of Feng Shui as acupuncture for your home or office. We come in and apply practices that allows Ch'i to move with ease. When Ch'i is balanced, all areas of your life--abundance, career, health, family, spirituality, relationships--thrive and support your life journey.

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Feng Shui for Business

There are many ways Feng Shui can benefit your business. They include being able to attract more clients or customers, improve business reputation, increase in overall job satisfaction, improve employee retention, finding optimal business location, unlocking feelings of stagnation, and incorporating an interior look that is consistent with the branding of the company.

Package includes:

  • Bagua Reading of Main Floor (mapping of areas in you home that correspond to the areas of you life--e.g. Career, Relationships, Health, etc.)
  • Floor Plan Analysis (missing areas, extensions, etc.)
  • Suggestions for Furnishings, Layout, Colors, and Other Design Elements to Balance Energy
  • Exterior Analysis (front door entry, driveway, etc.)
  • 1 Hour Phone or Zoom Consult to discuss information

Necessary Items for the Consulation: 

  • Floor plan (copy or sketch by you)
  • Photographs or video of the home exterior (including driveway to road)
  • Photos of any rooms you want me to address (bedroom, kitchen and entry are strongly recommended)
  • Fill out a questionaire