Feng Shui can work quickly to shift the energy in a home. Oftentimes Feng Shui issues become easily apparent. These come in the form of issues with the house or the personal issues of the homeowner. Even if a house is staged well and priced right, there can be energetic blockages surrounding the sell of the on the home. 

Here are some of the reasons a home may not be selling and how feng shui can help:

  • Unresolved Emotional Attachment Issues by the Homeowners
  • EMFs interference or other Geopathic Stress
  • Paranormal Activity
  • Predecessor Energy from Previous Owners

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Package includes:

  • Bagua Reading of Main Floor (mapping of areas in you home that correspond to the areas of you life--e.g. Career, Relationships, Health, etc.)
  • Floor Plan Analysis (missing areas, extensions, etc.)
  • Suggestions for Furnishings, Layout, Colors, and Other Design Elements to Balance Energy
  • Exterior Analysis (front door entry, driveway, etc.)
  • Energetic Space Clearing
  • 45 Minute Phone or Zoom Consult

Necessary Items for the Consulation: 

  • Floor plan (copy or sketch by you)
  • Photographs or video of the home exterior (including driveway to road) or MLS Listing website
  • Photos of any rooms you want me to address (bedroom, kitchen and entry are strongly recommended) or MLS Listing website
  • Fill out a questionaire

$450 Remote (1-hour)

$750 In-person (2-hour)