What are Feng Shui Consultations?

A Feng Shui analysis that is conducted remotely for both residential and business locations. This package is for when you want quick and easy fixes to instantly make your home or office feel light and energy-filled. 


What is Feng Shui for Real Estate?

I help Real Estate Agents and Homeowners sell homes! Even if a house is staged well and priced right, there can be energetic holds on the home that may be overlooked during the attempt to sell. This remote service shifts the energy of the home and identifies blockages.


What is the Manifestation Package?

This is a completely customized session to address your transformation using the principles taught in the Law of Attraction and other healing modalities! This package is for when you want to work on one specific area in your life that needs special attention.


What is a One-on-One Meditation Session?

Learn mindfulness and meditation or deepen your practice with private One-on-One sessions with me. One-on-One training provides you with specialized coaching and training to address what you require or would like to explore in a private, safe and confidential environment.


What are Energetic Space Clearings?

Energetic space clearing is a way to clear, balance and/or eliminate discordant energy from your environment. When you physically clean your space, you remove debris such as dirt and dust. Similarly, Energetic Space Clearing is clearing the same space on an energetic level.


When You Need a Little More Attention...I’m Here for YOU!!!

Perhaps you are on a personal healing journey and want a more intensive experience or would like to create a small group one-day retreat combining my healing services. Mindfulness combined with other wellness activities may help. We have a beautiful retreat center!

Specialized Meditation Sessions


Mindfulness Training for Corporations

Employee Empowerment

Meditation is not new to the corporate world. Most major corporations now have various health-related programs in place to keep their employees happy and healthy. Learn ways the ways to increase creativity and reduce stress in your office.


Mindfulness Training for Athletes

Improve Performance

Mindfulness is the added edge you need to go the extra mile. The difference between reaching your goals and falling short can be a momentary lapse of focus, confidence and/or nerves getting the best of you. Meditation improves it all.